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Are you ready to take your act to the next level? Engaging in meaningful feedback practices can be exactly what it takes to level up in the industry. Bringing objective eyes into your process has the ability to catch continuity issues or simply enhance your strengths that you can't quite even see yet! Bring an act you've been developing that is in a stage of completion (1/2 to fully complete- has costume pieces etc) and perform it in front of a panel of experienced mentors who are ready to give you feedback and notes. 


You'll have 25 minutes from start to finish with your time. Introduce yourself to your panel, share a bit about what stage the act is in and then perform it in its entirety to get notes on movement, costuming, presence, mapping and more.


Perform as if you are in a full audience! After your act is complete, the panel will very briefly discuss your act while you grab a quick drink of water and a robe and then we will chat with you about our notes, as well as hand over our written notes to you. 


You will need to send your music by April 19 at 12pm appropriately titled with your name ie: “Linkin Bio- summertime blues” to and we will follow up with your designated Review Time Slot.


Arrive at least 45 minutes before your slotted time to get ready to perform in your makeup/costume. There is a green room for all BALC act review participants to get ready. Bring your phone to record your act if you'd like- we will have a tripod for you to place your phone into. 


Our panel consists of multiple award winners, teachers, producers and touring international performers:

Sydni Deveraux, RedBone, Isaiah Esquire, Johnny Nuriel, Alotta Boutté and Banbury Cross

Act Review

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